Monday, 8 February 2016

Six different types of food processors

Hi everyone today I will be telling you about six different types of food processors, There are quite a few different types of food processors in the shops these days. But food processors do pretty much everything, Whereas many of the other appliances you might be familiar with by another name are considered food processors aswel.

Blenders-Blenders are appliances which are intended to take the ingredients fed to them and then it turns them into a liquid. Blenders break everything down into the smallest parts possible and then combine them into a liquid.

Juicers- This type of food processor has the main purpose of separating the fruit pulp from the juice. Juicers have become more popular recently due to the trend of juicing for weight loss.

Mandolines- Mandolines are tools that use an automatic or manual blade to slice or dice, the food item usually gets passed over the multiple times.

Hand operated choppers and graters- Before there was electricity, people used knives, choppers and graters. But most people are familiar with hand graters for cheese, carrots and other foods, has many people have them in there kitchens even today.

Grinders- Grinders are soft of in a class by themselves because there are actually several different types of grinder that depend on what type of food your grinding. There are vegetable grinders, and also meat grinders.

True Food processors- True food processors are something that has changeable blades, discs and other accessories that allow you to chop, grind, cut or dice many different types of foods.

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