Tuesday, 12 January 2016

How to make braised rice

Hi everyone today I will be telling you how to make braised rice.

The ingredients you will need

  • Butter or oil                   50g
  • Onion, chopped              25g
  • rice, long grain               300g
  • chicken stock                 600ml
  • salt, mill pepper
  • butter, to finish              50g

Chef's tip

Cook the rice for the exact time specified in the recipe. If it cooks for longer, it will be overcooked and the grains will not separate.

Try something different

  • You can add wild mushrooms about 50-100 g for 4 portions

Step 1-Place the butter or oil into a small sautese.Add the onion.

Step 2-Cook gently without colouring for 2-3 minutes

Step 3- Cook gently without colouring for 2-3 minutes

Step 4- Add twice the amount of stock to rice.

Step 5-Season, cover with buttered paper, bring to the boil.

Step 6- Place in a hot oven (230-250oC) for approximately 15 minutes, until cooked.

Step 7- Remove immediately into a cool sauteuse.

Step 8- Carefully mix in the additional butter with a two-pronged fork.

Step 9- Correct the seasoning and serve.

Healthy eating tip
  • Use unsaturated oil sunflower oil or olive.
  • Keep the added salt to a minimum.

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