Wednesday, 11 November 2015

How to make coleslaw

Hi everyone today I will telling you how to make coleslaw,coleslaw is something which is quick and easy to make and doesn't take long to make and can also go with quite a few salads and BBQ's. 

Ingredients you will need

  • White or Chinese cabbage    200g 
  • Carrot                                50g
  • Onion (optional)                  25g
  • Mayonnaise                        125ml

Step 1- Trim off the outside leaves of the cabbage. 

Step 2- Cut into quarters. Remove the centre stalk. 

Step 3- Wash the cabbage,shred finely and drain well. 

Step 4- Mix with finely chopped raw carrot and shredded raw onion. To lessen the hardness of the raw onion, blanch and refresh. 

Step 5- Bind with mayonnaise. 

Healthy eating tips 

Replace some or all of the mayonnaise with natural yoghurt and/or fromage frais. 

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