Wednesday, 21 October 2015

How to make potatoes Croquettes

Hi everyone in this post I will be telling you how to make potato Croquettes which are perfect as a side dish, or as a quite snack and you could also have croquettes for lunch with a salad.

First you will need to know how to make duchess potatoes.
Ingredients you will need
  • Floury potatoes   600g
  • Egg yolks            1
  • Butter                 25g
  • salt and pepper
Step 1-Wash, peel and refresh the potatoes. Cut to an equal size.

Step 2-Cook in lightly salted water.

Step 3-Drain off the water, cover and return to a low heat to dry out the potatoes.

Step 4-Pass through a special potato ricer or mouli or if you don't have either of those you can use a medium sieve.

Step 5-Place the potatoes in a clean pan.

Step 6-Add the egg yolks and stir in vigorously with a kitchen spoon.

Step 7-Mix in the butter. correct the seasoning.

Step 8-Now use your duchess mixture mould it into cylinder shapes 5x2cm.

Step 9-Pass through flour, egg wash and breadcrumbs.Chill

Step 10-Reshape with a palette knife and chill. Deep fry in hot deep oil (185oC)in a frying basket.

Step 11-When the potatoes are a golden colour, drain well and serve.


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