Tuesday, 17 March 2015

How to make donuts

Hi everyone in this post I will be telling you how to make some donuts I hope you enjoy
First you will need to make a basic bun dough recipe

Ingredients you will need
  • 200g Flour(strong)
  • 5g yeast
  • 60ml milk 
  • 1 medium egg 
  • 50g butter or margarine
  • 25g caster sugar
Step 1-sieve the flour into a bowl and warm
Step 2-Cream the yeast in a basin with a little of the milk.
Step 3-Make a well in the centre of the flour.
Step 4-Add the dispersed yeast, sprinkle with a little flour ,cover with a cloth, leave in a warm place until the yeast ferments (bubbles).
Step 5-add the beaten egg, butter ,sugar, and remainder of the liquid. Knead well to form a soft, slack dough, Knead until smooth and free from stickiness. 
Making the donuts.
Step 1- Take the basic bun dough recipe and divide into eight pieces.
Step 2-Mould into balls. Press a floured thumb into each.
Step 3-Add a little jam in each hole. Mould carefully to seal the hole.(For ring doughnuts, press your thumb right through each one and rotate to form a hole in the centre.) 
Step 4-Cover and allow to prove on a wall-floured tray.
Step  5- Deep-fry in moderately hot fat, 175oC,for 12-15 minutes.

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